Sport Tasman is lead by a dynamic group of people who manage the operations side of the Trust and four significant pillars of Active Communities, Active Recreation, Facilities and Operations.

Ed Shuttleworth

Chief Executive Officer

Phone:03 546 7910 Ext 301
Mobile: 021 758 239

​​​​​​​TEAM: Darryl Sim, GM - Operations

TEAM: Tony Thomas - GM - Spaces and Places

TEAM: Lesley McIntosh - GM - Community Outcomes

TEAM: Andy Morris -  GM - Strategy, Insights and Business Improvements

Tony Thomas

​​​​​​​General Manager - Spaces and Places

Phone: 03 546 3303
Mobile: 027 486 3990

TEAM: Steve MacDonald,  Facility Manager of Saxton Stadium and Richmond Town Hall

TEAM: Rohan Haskell, Facility Manager of Motueka Recreation Centre

Darryl Sim

General Manager - Operations

Phone:03 546 3334
Mobile: 027 704 6294

​​​​​​​TEAM: Genna Harding, Finance Manager

TEAM: Seona Christie,  Administrator Operations

TEAM:: TBA Operations Administrator

Lesley McIntosh 

General Manager - Community Outcomes 

Phone: 03 546 7910 Ext 307
Mobile: 021 326 591

TEAM: Leslie Azzis, Women and Girls Lead 

TEAM: Georgia Ewers, Disability Advisor

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Regional Outcomes 

TEAM: Ryan Edwards - Regional Outcomes Lead (All Regions) 

TEAM: Mahina Henry-Campbell - Community Outcome Advisor (Marlborough)

​​​​​​​TEAM: Esther Rush, Regional Advisor College Sport (RSD for TSSSC) 

TEAM: Emma Sorenson-Brown, Sport Development Advisor

TEAM: Tara Papworth - Community Outcomes Advisor - Buller

Healthy Active Learning 

TEAM: Stephanie Elliott Primary and Kura Lead

TEAM: Anita Currie, Active Transport Advisor

TEAM: Fergus Knight  Healthy Active Learning Advisor 

TEAM: Kate Hailes Healthy Active Learning Advisor 

TEAM: Nick Foxley Healthy Active Learning Advisor

Andy Morris

General Manager - Strategy, Insights and Business Improvements

Mobile: 022 386 5402

Mahina Henry-Campbell

Advisor Active Recreation (Marlborough)

Mobile: 022 383 1507

Steve MacDonald

Facility Manager - Saxton Stadium

Facility Manager - Richmond Town Hall

RTH Phone: 03 544 3955

SAX Phone:  03 538 0072

Mobile: 027 538 0072

TEAM: Seth Watson  Senior Advisor Recreation

TEAM: Katie Wright  Community Recreation – Program & Event Coordinator

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​TEAM: Chris Tau'alupe  Assistant Advisor Recreation

TEAM: Nataarn MacDonald -  Advisor Recreation


Rohan Haskell

Facility Manager - Motueka Recreation Centre

Phone: 03 528 8228
Mobile: 027 285 7071

​​​​​​​TEAM: Shia Burton, Senior Recreation Advisor 

​​​​​​​TEAM: Kyle Wilson,  Advisor Facilitys

​​​​​​​TEAM: Edee Bolton - Instructor 

TEAM: Tori Wilson -  Assistant Advisor Recreation 

TEAM: Myah Wilson - Assistant Advisor Recreation

​​​​​​​MRC Cleaners: Janine Mitchell & Rachel Fleming