2023 NZCT Sportsperson of the Year

Finn Fisher-Black​​​​​​​

We are pleased to announce the 2023 NZCT Sportsperson of the Year is Finn Fisher-Black.

While Finn was not present for the awards, he provided a brief video speaking to the honour of receiving the most prestigious award from the night.

I'm especially happy to edge out my sister. I won't let her forget about this one."

In attendance to recieve the award was Nimah and Finn's father, Jim Black.

He says it's a special night for the family, "where it all started".

While he says they will always compete to one-up the other, that sibling rivalry has also been a part of their success.

"They inspire each other, push each other and see what they can acheive through each other."

Nelson Legends of Sport have two new inductees, Olympic pair Rod Dixon and Jeff Rackley.

Rod Dixon was one of just three medals New Zealand returned with from the 1972 Olympic games in Munich, winning bronze in the 1500 metres with a time of 3:37.5. It was was a run that also broke Peter Snell’s New Zealand record. He also attended the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games, the Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Games and won the 1983 New York Marathon.

Jeff fought in 100-odd amateur fights and seven professional bouts. He won the Jameson Belt three times for being the most “scientific” boxer at the national championships and fought in the last 15 round professional fight in the country, a fight he won.

At 22 he represented New Zealand at the Munich Olympic games, but faced a West German bronze medalist from the 1968 games and was bundled out in the first round.

The pair have been enshrined in Nelson’s sporting history and the award tonight is just further recognition of the special feat the two men accomplished.

In a time where the country sent half as many athletes to the Olympic games as they do today, Jeff and Rod were the main attraction at the 12,000 strong parade to welcome them back home.

Jeff says he was "blown away" to recieve the award.

"I appreciate the acknowledgement that I've give given by so many people. I'm a bit speachless."

Rod says it was a complete surprise when he was called up to the stage to recieve an award of his own.

Having been asked to speak about Jeff's induction he knew there was something special happening but this was above and beyond.

"Next thing they had started on me."

"I've had a few surprises in my life and I think my heart rate went way off the scale."

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