Early Childhood

Active Movement is important for the healthy development of a child's brain; they learn from movement and being physically active. Active Movement discourages health problems such as diabetes and obesity, and encourages a lifelong love of being active and playing sport.

Active Movement is just as important for newborns as it is for older children.  By helping your child to get active, you help their body to develop, you help them to learn and to feel safe, and you show them they are loved.

Working with children is an integral part of the work that Sport Tasman undertakes in the community, and it starts before they reach school. 

A great deal of information exists about the development of children, and how the first years are crucially important.  Our Active Movement Programme looks to up skill and support teachers, parents and caregivers by raising the awareness and understanding of the importance of quality movement experiences in the early years 0 – 7.  Emphasis is placed on building the fundamental movement skills and incorporating the developing brain.

Fundamental Movement Skills

Sport Tasman has developed a fundamental movement skills programme that is being offered to pre-schools in 2011.

Fundamental movement skills are the building blocks for successful participation in games and sports. Examples of these skills can often be seen in the different games our students play in the playground, (hopscotch, elastics, tiggy) as well as the organised games as part of PE and sport.

The skills that are focused on during this programme in the early childhood setting are walking, running, jumping, climbing, balance and underarm throw. For schools the skills focused on include hopping, skipping, sprint running, side galloping, overarm throwing, jumping for distance, leaping, balancing on one foot, two handed striking, catching, dodging, jumping for height, chest passing, foot dribbling, hand dribbling, kicking, punting and one handed striking.

These skills along with developing spatial and body awareness help to increase the child's ability to learn. 

Research shows that fundamental movement skills are the key to addressing issues of participation levels in physical activity. If students are proficient in fundamental movement skills they are more likely to participate in games and sports and establish long-life commitment to health and physical activity. They also develop self-esteem which flows through into their academic school work.

Tumble Tots

Why Tumble Tots? (Crawling to 2years)
For toddlers being active, allows them to learn and develop an understanding of lots of everyday words and how it relates to the world around them.
Being active also enables toddlers to develop an understanding of how their body moves and where they are in space, and to learn about sharing, taking turns and playing and being with other children and people.

Tumble Tots: $40 for 10 sessions or $5.00 per session.

Please contact Jenny Dravitzki 027 583 5989 if you want to register for Tumble Tots.

Workshops - Need professional development?

  • Brain – Early Child Development: Understanding how to harness the windows of learning through Brain and movement and the growing child.
  • Nutrition and the Growing Child: In assoc. with Public health
  • Activity Trailer Training: How to best use the trailer and the equipment to its potential.
  • Fundamental Movement Skills: General overview
  • Specific Fundamental Skills Training:
    • Manipulation e.g. underarm throw, catching, striking
    • Locomotion e.g. running, jumping, skipping
    • Stability e.g. balance, rotation
  • Planning for Outdoor Play: How best to utilise your equipment and your unique environment to provide an environment for learning and skill development that is fun.
  • Babies, movement and learning: Babies in your ECC? Do you work with babies? Are you a parent and what to learn what makes your baby tick?
  • Getting Ready for School: How to prepare your pre schoolers to get the most out of their school day.

Contact Sport Tasman to organise one of the above workshops for your team or to discuss other workshop topics.

"There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child.  There are seven million. "
Walt Streightiff 

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