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Sport Tasman is committed to assisting the development of sports organisations to be aligned with best business practice and to assist volunteers with the valuable work done for the benefit of the organisation. There are currently three assessment tools available for sports organisations to use either independently or in consultation with Sport Tasman’s Sport Development Team, including a Sport NZ ClubWOF,  the ClubMark accreditation process and SportNZ Organisational Development Tool (ODT).


Sport NZ Club Warrant of Fitness

This is a quick and easy way for your committee to review your Club’s current situation. This is achieved by considering a range of matters whilst completing a short on-line questionnaire.


ClubMark is an easy to follow self accreditation process with three levels of endorsement: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Sport NZ Organisational Development Tool (ODT)

The Organisational Development Tool is a practical and comprehensive process designed by experts as part of Sport NZ's focus on developing increasingly successful and sustainable sport and recreation organisations at National, Regional and Club levels. The tool will provide clear direction for improving your organisation.


Congratulations to Wanderers Rugby Club -  Awarded Club Mark Bronze (August 2015)

Julie Price, Advisor- Community Sport at Sport Tasman, had the pleasure of presenting the Wanderers Rugby Club President, Denise Palmer and Club Manager, Diane Drogemuller with their Club Mark Bronze Award.

To achieve the Club Mark Bronze Award, Wanderers Rugby Club had to undergo a rigorous assessment carried out by the Community Sport Team at Sport Tasman. The assessment focused on seven key areas of club operation; Planning for Success, Finance, Looking after Volunteers, Growing the Club, Developing Coaches, Match Officials and Managers and Looking after Members and resulted in the development of ‘one stop shop’ club operations manual.

After receiving the Club Mark bronze certificate Club Manager, Diane Drogemuller, said;

“We are thrilled to have received Club Mark Bronze. It was a marathon effort and has taken a lot of hard work to achieve this award but we got there in the end. The club manual will help us moving forward. I would like to thank the Wanderers Rugby Club Management Committee for their support during the accreditation process and beyond”.  

The Club Mark award is a milestone in the club’s history and recognises the valuable work done by the club’s hardworking volunteers and the Club Manager.

At the presentation Julie Price, Advisor Community Sport, applauded the club committee “for its commitment to the Club Mark process” and congratulated them on their “outstanding achievement”.

To find out more about Club Mark and to enrol your club on the programme, please contact Julie Price, Advisor Community Sport on 03 923 2322.

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Bronze ClubMark Award


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