Outdoor Recreation


Outdoor Recreation Forum

The Outdoor Recreation Forum was established in October 2010 to bring together all those individuals, groups  and organisations with a passion to get more people, more active, more often in outdoor recreation.  It was established at the forum by those in attendance that the Outdoor Recreation Forum will:

“Work together more efficiently and effectively at a regional level to engage with current and potential users of Outdoor Recreation.”

Thus, the Outdoor Recreation Forum:

  • Is for like-minded individuals and groups involved with or interested in outdoor recreation
  • Is a first point of contact for statutory organisations with an interest in engaging more people in outdoor recreation
  • Can be used as a collective voice to raise issues and concerns at all levels
  • Can be used to promote, support and develop new initiatives

If you wish to become involved with the Outdoor Recreation Forum please contact Dave Tippett at Sport Tasman.


Walking Access Mapping System

The Walking Access Mapping System was developed by the Walking Access Commission to assist the public to identify land in New Zealand open to recreational access on foot.  This is a great resource which shows you the user most public access points and tracks to enable you and your friends to get outdoors and get active. 

To view the Walking Access Mapping System please CLICK HERE

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