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Want to apply for KiwiSport funds?

The KiwiSport RPF Plan 2015-18 is in effect.  Please ensure you have read it prior to applying as it outlines what can and can't be funded. 


In addition to these, Sport NZ has directed all Regional Sports Trusts to give priority to projects that focus on the following:

 - Low socio-ecomonic groups

 - Opportunities for girls

 - Delivery outside of school curriculum time


Funding rounds for 2018 close:

5pm, Friday 9 March 

5pm, Friday 10 August 


Application Form

This application form is a fillable PDF.  It must be opened using the latest version of Adobe Reader (this is free to download).  

Please download the form to your computer and then fill in the downloaded copy. Do not fill in the form on your web browser as we have found that when the form is saved all fields are blank and the information is lost. We recommend that you send your application to us by attaching the completed form to an email and sending directly to us. (Alternatively you can hit the submit button on the form but this is not recommended)

Please do not send us a scanned copy as the form is set up to collate all the information and is unable to do so from a scanned copy.

We do have a word version of the form which is available on request if you are unable to use the PDF form for some reason.  


What is KiwiSport?

KiwiSport is a fund that aims to get more school aged children participating in organised sport.

The KiwiSport investment pool comprises of two components - the Direct Fund which is a per student funding amount distributed directly to each school by the Ministry of Education.  Schools have discretion about how the fund is used towards supporting KiwiSport outcomes.

The Regional Partnership Fund (RPF) is administrated and distributed by Sport Tasman to community projects that will achieve the KiwiSport objectives of More Kids, More Opportunities, Better Skills. All groups receiving RPF’s are expected to contribute at least 50% of total project costs.

Sport Tasman distributes funds through two funding rounds each year, in March and August.


For more information contact Mel Greenwood on 03 577 8855 ext 2 or

Funding Category
Halberg Disability Sport Foundation

AllSports – Halberg’s Community-Based Disability Sport Programme

AllSports is the Halberg Disability Sport Foundation’s community-based programme to enable physically disabled young people to participate in sport. AllSports also acts as a quality assurance mark - meaning if a community, club or event promotes its activities in partnership with AllSports, families can expect quality, inclusive and professional sporting opportunities. The AllSports programme has a number of components to help physically disabled young people to participate in sport, these include:

AllSports Disability Sport Coordinators

The Halberg Disability Sport Foundation employs nine dedicated field staff to support the AllSports programme throughout New Zealand.

AllSports Activity Fund

The Activity Fund provides physically disabled young people with grants to help overcome the financial barriers that prevent them from participating in sport. The AllSports Activity Fund is proudly supported by the Eagles Golfing Society of New Zealand.

AllSports Have-a-Go!

Have-a-Go days are ‘open day’ events run in partnership with established sports organisations and clubs. They aim to introduce physically disabled young people to new sports and establish on-going adapted programmes.

AllSports Fundamental Movement Skills

AllSports uses existing Fundamental Movement Skills programmes to enable physically disabled young people to develop essential muscle, motor and movement skills. These skills are important for all young people – but even more so for those who may have not had the same opportunities to develop them.

AllSports Online

The AllSports website is a ‘one stop information shop’ for physically disabled young people and their families. It has a club finder tool to match their interests and eeds to existing sport opportunities around the country.

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Funding Category

Funding Assistance for Families

SportStart is a funding initiative available from Sport Tasman for families where financial hardship is a barrier to participation in physical activity.

The purpose of  SportStart is to allow more children and young people to take part in physical activity opportunities - by providing some financial assistance. We believe with the support of sports clubs and organisations across our region we will be able to encourage and support more young people into sport and physical activity thereby directly contributing to the health of both the individual and the community. 

Current Eligibility: 

Age Group5-18 year olds

Up to $30 per child/per family (ages 5 to 12yrs)

Up to $50 per child/per family (ages 13 to 18yrs)

PeriodTwice a year


Age Group5-18 year olds

Up to $30 per child/per family (ages 5 to 18yrs)

PeriodTwice a year

Presentation of applications can only be made through clubs or organisations that have registered with the SportStart programme as a provider. Downloadable forms are in the column on the right.

On acceptance of an application, the process commences and when approved the grant is paid directly to the club or organisation. Any shortfall is the responsibility of the family.

As SportStart is a very popular funding medium for many families, we are constantly sourcing avenues to keep the programme alive and to enable us to effectively reach more families and get more children focused on sport participation. 

CLICK HERE to download the SportStart Funding flyer for the Nelson/Tasman/Marlborough region. CLICK HERE for the Buller region flyer. 

If any individual, organisation or business would like to donate to this very worthwhile cause, please contact Kaylene Rae, Sport Tasman.


Sportstart Fundraiser

Entertainment Book

Once again Sport Tasman is fundraising for SportStart to help struggling families get their kids into sport by subsidising their sports fees. Books available now or you can choose a digital download to your smartphone!  For more info contact Sport Tasman’s Natalie Hardiman on 03 546 7910.

Books Cost $65 and $13 of every membership sold contributes to SportStart. Help us achieve our goal by purchasing an Entertainment Membership at

Thanks for your support!


Funding Category
Gaming Trusts

Gaming machine trusts distribute funds collected through pokie machines at their venues. Generally gaming machine trusts will only consider funding projects that benefit residents of areas where they have venues although some funding may be made available also for purposes outside their respective areas.

For more information about these funding organisations please visit their websites and contact them directly. Please refer to the Department of Internal Affairs website for a list of venues belonging to each gaming machine trust.

Funding Category
Council Community Funding

Find out about grants and funding available to enhance the natural, cultural, recreational and community assets of your local council.


Tasman District Council

Marlborough District Council

Buller District Council

Nelson City Council

Kaikoura District Council

Funding Category

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