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“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.” William Arthur Ward




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Mel Greenword
Manager - Community Sport
03 577 8855 Ext 2


Marlborough Primary School Sports (MPSS)


After consulting with the Marlborough Primary School  Sports Association, it has been identified that a webpage dedicated to Marlborough Primary School Sport (MPSS) would be beneficial to the Marlborough community.

The aim of this page is to connect, share and inform the Marlborough community including schools, parents and sports organisations of upcoming events and contact details.

This page is a work in progress and will take some time to develop.  The page itself will be administrated by Sport Tasman and will be updated regularly.  By the start of Term 4 each year, the events calendar will be updated for the following year so that schools have plenty of time to plan. 


Events calendar

For now, the events calendar  includes events given to Sport Tasman by schools and sporting organisations. 
If your event is not on the calendar, then please feel free to contact us.

Click here to view the MPSS events calendar


Contact details

The contact details of all the schools that have given permission, as well as the sports organisations who have done the same have been added to this page.


We welcome feedback so feel free to contact the Sport Tasman team in Marlborough.



Regional Sporting Organisations
OrganisationContact namePhone numberEmailWebsite
Marlborough Cricket AssociationEd Gilhooly03 577 9050Marlborough CricketMarlborough Cricket
Marlborough FootballAlan Kelly03 579 2387Marlborough FootballMarlborough Football
Marlborough Hockey AssociationTony Haswell021317777Marlborough HockeyMarlborough Hockey 
Marlborough NetballDianne Woolf03 577 9050

Marlborough Netball

Marlborough Netball 
Tasman Golf AssociationChris Pugh027 240 8821Tasman Golf 
Tasman Rugby UnionGareth Archer03 578 4070Tasman Rugby Tasman Rugby 
Tasman Rugby LeaguePaul Rosanowski027 434 3431Tasman Rugby League Tasman Rugby League
Marlborough Basketball AssociationJac Taylor03 577 8300Marlborough Basketball 
Marlborough Softball AssociationAnthea Stringer027 818 0076 www.marlboroughsoftball.co.nz
Marlborough Volleyball AssociationAlvyn Meiklejohn03 578 1264alvyn@marlboroughvolleyball.org.nzwww.marlboroughvolleyball.com
Cycling MarlboroughLance Spencer secretary@cyclingmarlborough.org.nzwww.cyclingmarlborough.org.nz
Marlborough TouchAnne Taylor0274866716marlboroughtouch@gmail.comwww.marlborough-touch.co.nz


Primary/Intermediate Schools

Teacher in Charge

of Sport

Phone NumberEmailWebsite
Blenheim SchoolDina Ahradsen03 577 5542office@blenheim.school.nzwww.blenheim.school.nz
Bohally IntermediatePetros Kapralos03 578 5219  
Canvastown SchoolKaren Kellaway03 574 2103canvastown@xtra.co.nz 
Fairhall SchoolBriony Boulton03 577 8939admin@fairhall.school.nzwww.fairhall.school.nz
Grovetown SchoolPaula Ferguson03 578 6250paula@grovetown.school.nzwww.grovetown.school.nz
Havelock SchoolErnie Buutveld03 574 2106admin@havelock.school.nzwww.havelock.school.nz
Linkwater School 03 574 2200office@linkwater.school.nzwww.linkwater.school.nz
Mayfield SchoolDavid Knott03 578 9040admin@mayfield.school.nzwww.mayfieldschool.co.nz
Picton SchoolHelen Boudier03 573 6395admin@picton.school.nzwww.picton.school.nz
Queen Charlotte CollegeGary Timms03 573 6558gtimms@qcc.school.nzwww.qcc.school.nz
Rai Valley Area SchoolBen Verhoef03 571 6016ben@rai.school.nzwww.rai.school.nz
Rapaura SchoolHayden van Lent03 570 5752office@rapaura.school.nzwww.rapaura.school.nz
Redwoodtown SchoolAaron Vercoe03 578 5200aaron@redwoodtown.school.nzwww.redwoodtown.school.nz
Renwick SchoolVicki Day03 572 8158vday@renwick.school.nzwww.renwick.school.nz
Richmond View SchoolJulia Galloway03 578 0626julia@rvs.school.nzwww.rvs.school.nz
Riverlands SchoolChris Brell03 578 7077brell@riverlands.school.nzwww.riverlands.school.nz
Seddon SchoolLyn Knappstein03 575 7417lynk@seddon.school.nzwww.seddon.school.nz
Spring Creek SchoolPhillipa Sandrey03 570 5514psandrey@springcreek.school.nzwww.springcreek.school.nz
Springlands SchoolSusie Glover03 578 5220ben.susie@slingshot.co.nzwww.springlands.school.nz
St Joseph's SchoolEmail office03 573 6895stjopicton@xtra.co.nzwww.stjosephsschool.co.nz
St Mary's SchoolKaren Davies03 578 9494karend@stmarys-blenheim.school.nzwww.stmarys-blenheim.school.nz
Tuamarina SchoolKerry Wilkin03 570 5621kerryw@tuamarina.school.nzwww.tuamarina.knowledge.net.nz
Waikawa Bay SchoolRose Merrall03 573 6636rose@waikawabay.school.nzwww.waikawabay.school.nz
Wairau Valley SchoolCharlotte Whitlow03 572 2715office@wairauvalley.school.nzwww.wairauvalley.school.nz
Waitaria Bay SchoolBrenda03 573 4377office@waitariabay.school.nzwww.waitariabay.school.nz
Ward SchoolWillem Lampe03 575 6837office@ward.school.nz 
Westmount School 03 577 5440  
Whitney Street SchoolDave Hickin & Simone Silcock03 578 3028



Witherlea SchoolMatt Robertson03 578 5568mattr@witherlea.school.nzwww.witherlea.school.nz



“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.” William Arthur Ward




Contact Us:

Mel Greenword
Manager - Community Sport
03 577 8855 Ext 2